What bothers me

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“What bothers me”   



         There a lot of things that bother me in the world, like people who cut in line, my siblings, etc. But one of which for me stand out the best whenever I tune to watch the election, the candidates for election promise to lessen the poverty in the Philippines. What they promised appealed mostly to the poor because who wouldn’t want to be rich. But later on that so called “promise” was never fulfilled then they protest and create a lot of unnecessary problems such as traffic, injuries, and a lot more. But what really bothers me that you voted for them and you went against them, they could have voted for someone who is actually much more better and qualified. In the end what the main point is they should take responsibility of their actions, and not to be naive when someone  “promise.” There is a saying “to see is to believe.”

         Last meeting of Citizenship and Governance, we were able to watch a short documentary, about the poor children and everything there in the documentary was true for me and ended up agreeing on everything that was said. I truly felt sympathetic for the children, because there lack of education and basic needs. They still managed to keep a smile on their faces even though the trial they have been through in their life. None of them can even afford to eat everyday while I the food addict munch on every food I can fill with my hands.



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